Changes to Map-Your-City Accounts

We are working on a big UX overhaul enabled by your feedback. We will be making hidden gems more accessible, the experience for you and your community more enjoyable and we will create more value for you as a customer. It unfortunately also means we have to make sacrifices to what we can offer as a free service. 

How some changes may affect you

Are you on the Forever Free Plan? You will no longer be able to map without creating or joining a community, but for everything else your experience will be improving BIG time. Still simply want to explore and (re)discover the cities you live, play and work in - no need to change any settings in your mobile app. Your favorite communities will still be there to follow and keep you in the loop, and you will still be able to collect your treasured places.

Have you been mapping, are a local business that has a story to tell and wish to add your business, festivals, events or travel spots, link to your website, add ticketing and localize your messaging? Why not join forces with a community already on Map Your City? There will be quite a few communities open to join. Simply request an invite. Or create your own community and get access to even more valuable features.

To make it all as easy as possible for you, we will at the same time simplify our pricing. When we launch Map Your City 2.0, our entry level, to create your own community in the Map Your City mobile app and build your custom map on your own website, will have more value and start at a lower price!  

Try these reasons on for size:

To help you tell your stories, Map Your City provides you a cloud-based Location Marketing Platform. A complete suite of applications enables you and your community to build, integrate and manage branded localized experiences for your followers & target your messaging where it counts. Start with a community today…

and get more Event Tickets Booked – Art Seen – Hotel Rooms Booked – Food Tasted – Museums Visited – Music Sold – Sports Games Watched – Local Wonders Famous – Wineries Visited – Shops’ Products Sold – Local Brew Famous – Tours Experienced – Investments Attracted...
"Great platform! It allowes us to collectively build an amazing map, and gives us new ways to promote Durham Region as a great place to stay and play. Our tourism stakeholders love it"
Lori Talling Durham Tourism Sports Coordinator, Durham Region, Canada

8 key reasons why Map Your City creates better branded experiences

Seamless Custom Branding

Offer your visitors a seamless online experience with a customized design of your mobile app and web map, branded in accordance with your guidelines.

The Power of your Community

Work with your team, connected businesses, travel professionals or valued stakeholders to create location experiences together. Save considerable costs and improve your ROI.

"Map Your City proved extremely simple to integrate with our existing social media and blogposts for our slow food events - a big time saver that effectively increased our outreach and generated additional foot traffic!"
Jord van de Broek Community Manager, Slow Food 020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Valuable Info

Track your metrics and generate reports to gain valuable insights and optimize marketing, sales and service experiences.

The Convenience of Location Services

Let your community’s followers opt in for valuable (location based) experiences, which can be personalized to their needs. And have them receive these experiences at a time that is convenient for them.

Clear Pricing: Pay-as-you-go

Join or Create a Community and step into the driver’s seat with a clear priced monthly membership plan, giving you the flexibility you need. Or discover our enterprise solution when your community is more than 250 members, even completely customize your app with our white label option.

Create something big with the power of small

Join forces with a community already on Map Your City and work effectively in joint venture to increase customer loyalty & advocacy. Grow your community into a regular marketing powerhouse.

Management Tools Put you in Control

Your organization is able to easily manage your community through an intuitive online Dashboard, including access for multiple community members and role-based permissions.

Always Up to Date

Benefit from continuous platform improvements and new features without the worry how it affects your IT.

"Our vibrant music community plans a lot of concerts and event nights with bands and music lovers. Selling tickets, letting people know what's going on and where, is fast and extremely convenient."
Shannon Delgado Programming, MusicXL, Toronto, Canada

Your new plan

Are you on the  Forever Free Plan? You will no longer be able to map without creating or joining a community, but for everything else your experience will be improving BIG time.

For clients on an  Essentials plan, it will bring some changes. In general you will be receiving more value for less. But we will also grandfather your current membership price in (should you - based upon your current settings and usage - end up paying fractionally more) for another 6 months. Our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer and demonstrating the value of the new plan to you. The changes to your membership plan will reflect in your account settings. 

The Pro or Premier Plans will no longer be available. If you are on a Pro or Premier Plan we will contact you personally to discuss switching you to either the Essentials Pay-as-you-go or the  Enterprise solution, all depending on your current settings and business needs.  

Joining a community will be free - using additional perks as a member will be a paid service. We will update you on further details as we move to final release. To let you experience joining a community you can already request an invite to join a community you fancy.

Other FAQs

1. Why the change?
We have done a lot of testing from our initial release - what we consider a minimal acceptable experience for customers includes a level of moderation, support and features we're not able to support on a Forever Free Plan. For a lot of reasons we have not been successful in maintaining mapping as a free feature for everyone, and it makes a lot more sense making this available only to members or owners of a community.

2. Can I export my data?
For all plans we support exporting your mapped location data. We will provide location exports for all our plans upon request. 

3. I do not see any changes in the app yet?
We are gradually rolling out new features and improvements. We will keep you updated on the steps and improvements. As much as we want everything ready yesterday, we also are committed to create the best possible experience for you. In coming weeks we will take the time to test extensively and launch it when we know it will meet the standards you have come to expect from us.

Our Commitment

We realize this change might be a big step for some, but our goal is to provide you and your community the best possible experience using Map Your City, and our support, product and development teams are committed to making that happen. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Any questions? Please check our FAQs on changes coming up or contact us. We are here to help! 

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?