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What is Map Your City?

Map Your City is a Map. No, not the kind with boring pins and street names. It’s a new kind of map that’s connected to the communities you love and the world. People use it every day to explore, talk, play, learn — and map some places, too.

Follow your Favorite Communities

There are quite a few communities on Map Your City. They range from cities to magazines to those keeping you updated on exclusive dining options and everything in between. When you follow them you get valuable tips & insights, and all the latest on events. Sometimes you can book your table online or order your festival tickets with them. They all help you to discover & learn about spots you did not know before. You'll find them on the Discover Organizations page, they are hard to miss. 

Love from Nathan

Nathan is clearly a fan 🙌. Post some video footage showing you're a fan of Map Your City too and we'll send you an awesome Map Your City T-shirt. Tag #mapyourcityfan and send us a dm or shoot us a message at

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