The best way to explore Map Your City on iOS

Welcome to the Map Your City community. You just downloaded our app and maybe already created your free account. Our Support site is full of articles to help you out, but here are a few basics to get you started.

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Follow your Favorite Communities & Places

Get valuable tips & insights, latest on events, get your festival tickets and discover spots you did not know before. Follow & Share your favorite places with your friends. Check the screenshots in this Quick Start Guide👇 or the following tips here to:

Create Your Treasure Map

Add your favorite spots on Map Your City to your own treasure map and start some real exploring. Or collect your most memorable places and share some on your socials. Check the screenshots in this Quick Start Guide👇 or these helpful hints to see how to:

A Business? Join or Create a Community

Does your business have a story to tell? Join a community or create one. Map new places and copromote your city, district, town or neighborhood. Or add your brand, your events, experiences, hotels, restaurants, museum, art, architecture, photography portfolio, any project you like really. Learn more about how Map Your City helps your business.

Common questions

How do I receive notifications?

Make sure your email for your account is confirmed and the toggle to receive notifications is "on". You can find the toggle in your mobile App Menu under "Settings". Find a helpful article with common questions about notifications here. You will receive notifications from Organizations you are following, Places you loved, and from anywhere you left a message on the wall. Sometimes we will send you updates too.

Is using the mobile app really free?

Everyone is able to use the app for free. Really no strings, just forever free! Go ahead and start creating, exploring or (re)discovering the cities you live, play and work in - download our apps or discover your community maps. Download our app and find out what's part of our forever free membership. 

Can I map new places?

Absolutely! New places are added every day. Just know in case you would like to map new places with your Map Your City app you do need to be member or an owner of a community on a premium user account.

Time to Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Map Your City. Reach out to us if you still have questions, are running into issues, or have any feedback you'd like to share.

Happy Mapping! 
Your friends at Map Your City

Quick Start on iOS

Your code is sent to your email, it is valid for 15 minutes and can only be used once.

Now that you are in, add your profile picture - it's more fun to see who you are chatting with. You can access your profile from the Menu.

Explore the map, zoom in - out, pinch it, rotate, or 3D it. Or filter the map (click "Explore" to access the filter tags) to show a selection that matches your personal flavour. Tap locations to view and tap the fly-out to open them and read their stories.

Your Menu gives you access to a lot more. Like reaching out to our Support Team or discovering the growing number of communities on Map Your City.

Discover some of the Organizations - Follow any one you fancy - and they will keep you in the loop of all that is going on. Join an Organization and tell your business' stories. Simply Request to Join. Did not find a match - you can create one for your own community. It's simple to get started and it's free.

Explore the locations that communities have shared, leave a comment on the wall of a location, add your own experience, ❤️ it,  book it, share it everywhere.

Every location you ❤️ is collected on your treasure map and you are kept in the loop of what happens there.

Not finding what you need? Try searching Locations and Organizations in Map Your City by name - or be adventurous and simply start typing to see what comes up.

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?