We stand together - love for places unites

We are not out of the woods yet - but the world is slowly opening up and looking a lot brighter than it did 3 months ago.

I know that you - like us - are creating a new normal - for the way you live and the way you experience the world and if you are a business; the way you offer services to customers.

Time's been difficult, but I hope our communities - however tough it was for them too - have been a creative spark of light for you through this.

To all our customers I would like to say let's have each other's back still, even now - or maybe especially now. We have extended our support for you until September. Be sure to check our COVID-19 resources.

Our team and all of you at the Map Your City community come from diverse backgrounds, but we are united by an enthusiasm for exciting stories and delightful location experiences. After all - delightful location experiences are about understanding and enjoying the wonderful diversity the world has to offer.

We will always be here to help you tell or experience those authentic stories at the places that matter to you.

Caroline Vrauwdeunt
Founder - Map Your City

PS - We have accomplished quite a lot last couple of months - curious? Check our Release Notes.

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?