How can I promote my places as member of a community

Here's some more tips to help you make the most out of your membership.

Once you've mapped some places, there's a few ways you can help people find your places and experiences.


Get shoutouts

Our first shout-out has already been sent to the followers of your community. That is, if you've filled out + saved the form to the location you've mapped. That one was on us, and we will keep doing that for every place you map.

We'll do the same for every comment that is left on your location's wall. So let's say you want to let people know about an event coming up: Simply post it on your location wall and all the followers will be sent a message about it.

So to recap:

  • To get shoutouts you need to add the Organization profile to your location
  • You get shoutouts for adding locations
  • You get shoutouts for messages left on your location wall

How easy is that!

But there is more. We've made promoting easy

Whatever your platform of choice - you can promote your places anywhere really. People can check out your locations even when they have not downloaded the app. 

All you have to do is: 

  • Share location cards on Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp 
  • Create Twitter cards 
  • Embed the cards on Pinterest 
  • Drop cards in your blog on Medium or your website, the list is endless

Start receiving â¤ for places

Anybody who hits the ❤ shares the love but also adds your location to their own treasure map - AND - automatically starts following your place. 

So when you leave a message about a new event, or someone boasts about their experience on "the wall" - everybody who follows your place is kept in the loop.

So to recap:

  • If people ❤ your place, they are automatically following
  • If people ❤ your place, your place is added to their favorite map
  • If people ❤ your place, they will receive messages about new comments on the wall

Common questions

I ldid not receive a notification from someone who left a review in the comments of our location wall?

In order to receive notifications you should enable you push notifications in your settings. But even if you haven't activated this, all comments left on the wall of the location you've mapped will be visible in your notification inbox in the app. If you did not map that location yourself, you will either get notified as a follower of your community or because you follow the location itself, since you "❤" it.

How can I check which locations I have mapped?

You can see all locations that were added by you in the Menu section under "My locations". Or filter them on the map from the Explore Screen.

I am an owner of a community - what more can I do to promote places?

As an owner you've got access to more valuable features than members do, accessible from the Web Dashboard. We encourage you to check out the Marketing Playbook . A neatly summarized list of all resources can be found here in this article.

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?