I've joined a community - now what

Now you can add your business, festivals, events or travel spots, link to your website, add ticketing and localize your messaging. As a member of a community you can amplify your message and create something big with the power of small.

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What happens after my request to join is sent?

After you requested to join an Organization you fancy your request is sent to the Organization Owner(s). If the owner finds your company a good match - she or he will accept your request. You will be notified by email. When you check the Map Your City mobile app this Organization will show up under "My Organizations".

My request to join a community was accepted - what can I do?

Congratulations! To get the most out of your membership check the online Userguide for Organization Members. Happy co-creating and co-promoting.

My request to join a community was denied - what can I do?

Sorry to hear that :( . Unfortunately the Owner possible thought you weren't a good fit. Luckily the Owner has provided you with the reason for denying your request. You could try to contact the Organization or simply try again if you think there was a misunderstanding. Or create your own Organization instead.

I rather want to create a new community instead - what do I do?

Great! Smart choice, creating your own community means you get access to even more valuable features. When you create your first community on Map Your City, you are placed on the Essentials Plan for a 15-day no obligation trial. There are many awesome features to take advantage of during the trial, and it also gives you a great chance to poke around and get a feel for the product.

Common questions

How many Organizations can I join?

There is no limit to the Organizations that you can join. As long as the Organization is accepting invites and your request is accepted, you'll be a member to all of them. All your Organizations will all appear under "My Organizations"

Can I join the same Organization multiple times?

No you cannot join the same Organization multiple times (for multiple roles or businesses) when you are logged in with the same email address on your Map Your City mobile app.

Do I need a registered business to join?

Most certainly not, you can be a professional or downright driven to tell your stories for a community. Depending on the information you send to the Owner of an Organization in your request, the Owner will determine if you would be a good fit. We think local businesses, travel or experience professionals and creative industry will get the most value out of joining an Organization however.

I love the mobile app, but can I also add the community map on my own website?

Every community on Map Your City is registered with a paid plan. The ability to publish a map on a website is one of the features of that plan. Contact your community's moderator to discuss options to embed the web map on your own website. Of course you can always link to the particular web page where the map is embedded.

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