How to map places in the app

Here's some tips to help you make the most out of your membership.

We're stoked that you are part of a community on Map Your City! You can now start mapping your places and add your stories, links, media and ticketing. Creating a map together has never been easier and more fun. 


Map new places together

Adding places to Map Your City on your phone or tablet is super simple. You can add locations in seconds. 

A Map Your City Video on how to map locations in the Map Your City app. 

Video is best watched in Landscape mode.

Some valuable tips from our marketing gurus

Here's some tips from our marketing gurus to make your places stand out:

  • Use eye-catching images 
  • Make sure to add the right tags to your locations. That way people can easily find you when exploring. 
  • The address is added automatically - but make sure to double check it.
  • Once you've mapped your location - make sure to tell people about it. We've made promoting really easy.

Add your custom info

When you slide the toggle of your community a form pops up. The owner of your community has created this form for you in order to add your custom information to the places you've mapped. 

About those custom fields:

  • You can leave some fields blanc if you wish - unless it is marked "required". 
  • Consider adding the same information when creating a business card or your landing page. 
  • It should give visitors all the info at a glance. 
  • Be short and to the point, refer to additional info with a link. 
  • Add your booking or ticketing platform if you are already on one. 
  • If your community moderator has added a field for additional media - make use of that option. Video makes a strong sell.

Common questions

I love the mobile app, but can I also add the community map on my own website?

Every community on Map Your City is registered with a paid plan. The ability to publish a map on a website is one of the features of that plan. Contact your community's moderator to discuss options to embed the web map on your own website. Of course you can always link to the particular web page where the map is embedded. 

How can I promote my places?

Promoting your places as a member of a community is ridiculously easy. Check this article to learn more.

How can I add places from the Web Dashboard?

If you are an owner you've not only got access to the mobile app, but also to the Web Dashboard of your Organization. The Web Dashboard has much more valuable features you can use. We greatly encourage you to check out all of its capabilities in the User Guide for Owners. Members only have app access and can map places from the mobile app only.

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?