If there's no ads - how can I promote then?

There is no paid ads on Map Your City for businesses - so how am I supposed to promote my places and events?

Absolutely right - there is no paid ads on Map Your City - and there also will not be - ever. But we have got a much better deal. Do you know you actually don't really need ads to create engagement with your followers. Real marketing isn't about clever copy or discounts, it is about telling genuine engaging stories

That is why we have built Map Your City around telling stories - on a map. We love all businesses, ventures, artists, vloggers, dedicated professionals that day in day out share their genuine stories - and we know our everyone on Map Your City does as well.

We have tons of features that will help you tell your stories beautifully and copromote your places collaboratively. Once you have set up your trial membership with help of our user guide, why don't you check them out.

What do I have to pay for if there is no ads running?

We have opted for a business model that supports genuine storytelling and not quick ad revenues. We also think access to those stories should always be free, so everyone has access to Map Your City as long as they want.  

But we do ask our storytellers who create a community - like you - for a membership fee, depending on the storytelling features you are using. It is called a fair pricing policy. You don't pay for what you don't need or use. 

For us it is not the easiest road, but it is the fairest and we believe the most long term beneficial strategy.

And to clear: we don't sell your data to make it work either. Your data stays safe with us, and we use it only to improve our product for all of you. 

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?