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1/11/2018: Facebook Login: Due to recent security issues on Facebook you may have been automatically logged out of your MYC account. 

16/08/2018: Website issues resolved.

16/08/2018: Website cannot be reached: There is an issue on the hosting server which affects the access of the Map Your City website worldwide which is why you may experience issues with it. The site could be accessible some parts of the world but not in other parts - all due to this server issue. As per our hosting provider's admins, they are already working for this problem to be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

01/05/2018: Issues with Location Edit Screens not always closing after editing in iOS & Android - Changes are saved. Issues have been fixed in R. 1.5

13/4/2018: Issues on Android sharing through Facebook, working on fix. -  Will be fixed in new R. 1.5  - Play Store release scheduled week 26/2018 (experiencing delay in pushing Android update - we are working on it - thanks for your patience!) Wanna share on FB on Android? Simply copy the location link to your FB timeline.

11/12/2017: Fixed issues with receiving notifications in iOS

24/11/2017: Fixed Issues with in app location sharing through Facebook on iOS & Android.

29/05/2017: Locations NYC and London not loading properly - Issue fixed

28/05/2017: Locations NYC and London not loading properly - we are working on it, thanks for your patience!!

15/12/2016: Fixed issues where Favorites were not loading properly - 11.30 CET.

22/04/2016: Thanks for your patience everything is working as it should – 14.35  CET.

22/04/2016: Your awesome MYC App is not showing locations for expected next 30 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience. Amsterdam – 13.35  CET.

22/04/2016: Users logging in to their Web Dashboard might experience some difficulties. We are on it right now Amsterdam – 9.44 AM CET.

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