The MYC app is not showing my current location, I keep ending up in Amsterdam?

It is important that you have  your location (gps) services enabled on your phone, and have granted the MYC app access to use those services. If these are not turned on, you end up in beautiful Amsterdam. Just our way of telling you to either travel to Amsterdam or enable your gps ; )

Newer Android versions (as from Android 6.0), will ask you to grant permissions to apps while the app is running, not when you install the app. This approach streamlines the app install process, since you do not need to grant permissions when you install or update the app. It also gives you more control over the app’s functionality; for example, you could choose to give a camera app access to the camera but not to the device location. You can revoke the permissions at any time, by going to the app’s Settings screen.

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