How can I manage multiple communities?

If you are an agency managing multiple client accounts and looking to create multiple communities and multiple maps for them on Map Your City - managing each of them is quite easy.

For each community you will create an Organization from the Map Your City mobile app. All your communities are visible:

  1. In the mobile App - under My Organizations
  2. In your Dashboard - under Organizations
Are you on a trial run? Remember your Organization Profile will only be visible and can be searched for in the mobile app for people outside your member community to discover, once you have subscribed. Once you have successfully subscribed your Organization status will read “Active”.

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Managing Subscriptions

Your subscription settings can vary for each Organization depending on your needs. Clicking the "Update Plan" button lets you manage your Subscription Add-Ons.

Each Organization is billed separately - and you can easily track and manage billing for various clients or communities this way. Billing for each Organization can be found under the Billing History Tab of each Organization. 

A summary of all billing on all Subscriptions can be found in the Left Side Menu under Billing History.

Setting Up & Managing Organizations

Managing each Organization is simple - As an Owner you have access and Admin Rights to all of them. We have designed Map Your City in such a way that managing 2 or 5 or even more communities is as easy as managing 1. You can find more info in the User Guide for Organizations on how to set up in 5 easy steps.

Common Questions

How do I upgrade one of my plans?

There is a helpful overview in the Price and Plan Guide - that will guide you through it.

How do I transfer Ownership of an Organization account I am managing?

The process for transferring the ownership of your account to another person depends on whether the intended owner has a Map Your City account and/or is Member or Owner of the Organization. You can read more about it here

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