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What is Map Your City?

Map Your City is a Map. No, not the kind with boring pins and street names. It’s a new kind of map that’s connected to the communities you love and the world. People use it every day to explore, talk, play, learn — and map some places, too.

Share all that you love with your friends - everywhere

Share your experiences. Leave a message or chat about it on the location wall. Members of our communities can add photos as well. Share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and beyond. What ever your platform of choice - you can share your favorite places on it.  

Add your own experiences

Like adding that picture of your best adventure or tell about that time you got whisked up to the top of the world or maybe to chat about that chill summer beats festival.

There's a few ways you can add your experiences in the Map Your City app

  • Add your photos of your experience there if you are a member of a community (click the "edit" button to add photos)
  • leave a message or review (on the wall)
  • enter into a chat about it (on the wall)

Followers on Map Your City love hearing about it. We're pretty sure others might love it too - so don't forget to share it on your socials after. 🤘

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