How do Plan Add-Ons work?

Our plans are built to help you succeed in telling your stories at the places that matter to your business – at the right time & targeted at the right audience.

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Flexible Pricing

Whether you need flexibility to get the stories for your projects and events across; or desire to give your enterprise’s or organization’s ecosystem valuable new branded location based experiences. Our goal is to provide you with the most flexible pricing and features to help you do that successfully. 

That is why you will always start on the Essentials Base Plan, allowing you to invite up to 10 members and map 100 locations. If you need more or get access to valuable customized in app notification messaging, simply adjust the sliders to get access to these additional features.

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Updating Plan Add-Ons

When you update your subscription, simply adjust the sliders in the Update Plan Tab (of the Organization). Any changes by updating the sliders will take effect immediately upon subscribing or updating your plan. Upon updating you will be requested to confirm you new monthly credit card charges. No immediate new payment is made at the moment you update your plan. Refunds or additional charges for the current month will reflect in your Organization's next month's billing receipt. That simply means: 

  • In case of upgrading: you can immediately use any additional contingent, but the charges for that will be added - prorated - to your next month's payment. 
  • In case of downgrading: limits are immediately active and you cannot exceed these limits, but the refund for your unused contingent will be deducted - prorated - on your next month's payment.

Common questions

It seems I need more than the slider maximum, what do I do?

No problem, you'll need an Enterprise Plan. Get in touch with us an we'll discuss what you need and set it up for you.

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?