Which plan is right for me?

Our plans are built to help you succeed in telling your stories at the places that matter to your business – at the right time & targeted at the right audience. Whether you need flexibility to get the stories for your projects and events across; or desire to give your enterprise’s or organization’s ecosystem valuable new branded location based experiences.

Here's a helpful overview of the various Map Your City plans that expands on the plan-specific features and prices (in USD).


So You:

  • Have the ability to explore or (re)discovering the cities you live, play and work in using the Map Your City app
  • Have the ability to create your own treasure maps 
  • Have the ability to follow communities and locations you fancy.
  • Can share places you love on every social platform and add your photos, experiences and comments
  • Get valuable tips & insights, latest on events, get your festival tickets and discover spots you did not know before. 


In Map Your City, everything happens in a community. A Map Your City community is simply a group of people mapping & promoting together – like your company, organization, city or town. Copromote, cocreate foot traffic & increase sales at all your locations – that is doing smart business together! You can either join an existing community or create one yourself. When you create your community on Map Your City - you are the owner of that community and can invite others to join. 

If you wish to create a community - we have developed two options. 

1st option to create your community: ESSENTIALS PLAN

A flexible pay-as-you-go solution for travel professionals, creative industry as well as small to medium sized Bia’s, Destination Marketing Organizations, Tourism Associations and Event Organizations. Add your brand, customize your app, localize your messaging and your custom map on your website. You only pay for what you need.

A quick basic setup allows you to create a community with 10 up to 250 members and create a custom map for your website and enjoy an amazing set of features to create valuable localized experiences for your followers.

Cost: Essentials starts at $49/month - Find out if Map Your City is right for your business - Try us with your community and start for free.

2nd option to create your community: ENTERPRISE PLAN

Once a community grows beyond 250 members, we offer the option to upgrade to our Enterprise plan. Built for medium to large Bia’s, Destination Marketing Organizations, Tourism Associations and Event Organizations that need powerful location marketing. 

Cost:  Contact us for a quote!

Join a community

Don't want to create your own community but join forces with a community already on Map Your City instead? Want to add your business, festivals, events or travel spots, link to your website, add ticketing and localize your messaging? As a member of a community you can amplify your message and create something big with the power of small. 

Simply download the Map Your City App – check open communities to join. Request an invite. Open communities are free to join. Using additional perks as a member will be a paid service. Simple enough – right? 

Still stuck? How can we help? How can we help?